When You Think You've Surrendered, Surrender More

When You Think You've Surrendered, Surrender More

The title of this blog comes from my spiritual Queen, Gabby Bernstein. To surrender, is to give your desires, wants and needs, along with your fears, blocks and limiting beliefs over to the Universe. I believe that surrendering, is one of the most integral practices to use when manifesting your desires, as it essentially allows the Universe to do its thing, with no interruptions. And all you get to do, is relax and enjoy life. Sounds pretty good hey? And easy? It is! ATTRACTING SHOULD BE EASY!

We’re all connected, as we’re all made up of energy. We’re connected to one another, we’re connected to objects, to opportunities, to certain circumstances and we’re connected to the Universe. HELL YEAH! How magical! We can absolutely use this to our advantage, and really, the possibilities of attracting whatever it might be that we want, are endless. 

If you are new to the magical art of manifesting, read this blog first. If you’re familiar, you will know that surrendering is only part of the process of manifesting, but one of the most important ones. SO, how are we meant to surrender when we care about something so much? Sister, I’ve been there!

When you’re trying to attract something that you want, it’s normal to want to control how your desire comes to you. We think we know the best way, the quickest way, the way that will benefit us the most, but the Universe always has a plan far beyond what we could imagine. So, how do you truly surrender? Here is an example: Let’s say you want to find a new place to live, you want something close to the beach, 2 bedrooms and you want to move in, in 3 months. You ask the Universe when you’re in a positive state of mind to help make this happen, you visualise yourself in the perfect new home, you start acting ‘as if’ you already have it, and you really believe that it’s going to happen in the best way possible and that you’re worthy and deserving …. it’s now time to surrender.

First of all, the Universe has heard you, you don’t need to ask again just in case the Universe was busy while you were asking. Remember that the Universe is made up of energy, and we’re connected to this source of energy. So really all we need to do is match its frequency by raising our vibration, making it almost impossible not to attract certain things that lie on that same frequency. Second of all, don’t get trapped into ‘manic manifesting,’ another term from Gabby Bernstein, which you can read more of in my ‘do less, attract more’ blog. An example of manic manifesting in this case, would be; you finish work and go home, another day has passed and no homes have turned up. No calls from the realestate, nothing. So you begin to say mantras over and over and feel pressure to visualise every minute you get, forcing yourself to imagine the call, the home, the moving truck etc. Remember…you’re trying to get yourself on a frequency that matches what you want. This needy, controlling energy, definitely doesn’t match the outcome of manifesting the perfect home for you. Often people think if they work really hard on using the Law of Attraction techniques, they will force their desire to manifest, but really you’re doing the opposite.

Using the same case, here’s a better way; You’ve asked and you’re visualising and acting ‘as if' every now and then when it feels GOOD. (Remember, attracting should be fun, if it’s not, you’re doing it wrong!) To surrender correctly, you must now give everything over to the Universe! (Or whoever you believe in, often I’ll give my worries over to my Nan, or my angels!) How and when your desire is brought to you, is none of your business. You can choose to see this in two ways; as scary, because you’re letting go of control, or as easy, because now you just get to relax and enjoy your life while the Universe works everything out for you in the best way possible!

So, you finish work and go home, realising that you haven’t had a call from the realestate and that no homes have come up. You’re only human, so a wave of worry comes over you, and the limiting beliefs start to creep in. ‘We aren’t going to find something in time,’ ‘we’re going to be rushed into a house we don’t want,’ ‘we’re going to have to move into our parents’ house’ etc. Take a deep breath, and choose again. Not only are these thoughts going to bring you anxiety in the now and turn what could be a nice, relaxing night into a stressful night, but you’re also taking yourself further away from attracting your desire. So really, it’s a lose lose. Don’t beat yourself up about having these thoughts, just choose again as quickly as you can. Run a bath, pop on a meditation, or come up with some positive mantras that aren’t forceful or too specific. ‘Everything is working out perfectly,’ ‘thank you Universe for bringing us the perfect home at the right time,’ etc.

When the good feelings start to kick in again, you can go on living your life and enjoying every minute, completely trusting that your higher power has your back. It’s so comforting to know we can lean on a power higher than us. Another Gabby Bernstein quote, (wow, you guys are going to think I am obsessed…. I totally am) is ‘I accept this, or something better.’ SO often I have been trying to manifest a particular outcome and in the end, I didn’t receive that, but I would then receive something even better … OR I had been trying to manifest a specific outcome and it hasn’t come …. which is frustrating and sad at the time, but once some time passes, it ALWAYS make sense, and I think THANK GOODNESS, I didn’t attract what I thought I wanted to attract because otherwise I wouldn’t have met this person, or won that comp, or got that lease, or learned a valuable lesson etc. Gabby, (again, soz just one more I swear) says ‘obstacles are detours in the right direction’ and I live by that quote! Whenever anything negative happens, instead of choosing anger, I choose excitement and think ohhhhhhh PLOT TWIST!

Speaking of … that house story, was my own story. We ended up getting the contract for a two bed apartment near the beach, and I got SO fixated on the outcome, worried about the hows and whens, that when it came to settlement, it all fell through. At the time it was the worst thing ever, but I then adopted the ‘obstacles are detours in the right direction’ and trusted that yes, I thought that was the best outcome, but there must be something even better coming up. Which there was. Our perfect little beachy apartment which ended up in a better position and SOOOO much cheaper. I wanted to break down this next section into questions that I either always get asked, or questions that I used to seek answers to before fully understanding how to surrender.


Become clear on what you want, and ask the Universe, then get yourself to a point of truly believing that you’re worthy and deserving of receiving your desire! Then you’re ready to surrender.


So you’re trying to manifest something, and you’ve completely let go of the details, allowing the Universe to do its thing. Don’t be afraid to go even further! Do it for a little longer! Don’t give up. Resist and let go of those limiting beliefs that come in which tell you to control the situation, completely allow yourself to live a life in flow, enjoying every minute, trusting the process and the timing of your life.


I know this may seem disappointing, because we all want our manifestations as quick as possible, but the Universe doesn’t work with time, quantity or size. It’s just energy aligning with energy. So, your desire will happen when it’s meant to happen, if you allow it to. In saying that, some of your manifestations will be ready to materialise today, or tomorrow, next week or next month. I have had experiences where I have put a time limit on asking for a sign or for a desire to be bought to me and it has absolutely happened in that time frame. And then I’ve had other experiences where it hasn’t. The same, ‘trust the process and timing of your life’ saying comes in here. Sometimes you don’t know when the best time for your desire to manifest is. So be patient. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen down the track. The exciting thing is, if it’s going to happen down the track, you still have all of that time in the interim where you will attract other amazing and exciting things.


If you want to, do it. But don’t use visualisation as a chore that you feel you have to do to get your pocket money. Visualising is meant to be fun. The point of it is to create the feeling in your mind and body of having your desire, it’s exciting and it should feel good! (A little tip here re visualising while in the surrendering process, is to focus on how you would FEEL when your desire comes to fruition, rather than visualising the details of how it will come about, focus on the feeling you will get when it has manifested.)


TRUST.THE.PROCESS. Something better must be on its way. Or you may need to use this time to learn valuable lessons that will help you later in life. I know that is the last thing that you want to hear when you’re trying to manifest something that you really want, but trust me, it will make sense one day. It always does. Also, this may be a sign that what you’re asking for you isn’t in alignment with your divine life path. This happened to me, and as much as I didn’t want to give up, I trusted the process and pivoted, and now I’m somewhere I didn’t realise I so badly needed and wanted to be.


If you feel at ease, if you’re living your life trusting that you and your desire are effortlessly gliding along, being taken care of, you’re surrendering.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, it’s time to get manifesting.

Cleo xxx

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August 5, 2020

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