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Motivational Speaking:

While Pass Around the Smile is a blog, I'm loving using it as a verbal/interactive project as well! I hold my own ‘Pass Around the Smile Events’ and courses where I chat about all things positive and incorporate meditation and journaling. I have also been a guest and key note speaker at events such as 'Girls Who Glow,’ 'Minding Her Business,' ‘The Real Girls, Real Success Convention,’ ‘The Couch Outloud’s Feel Good Show’ and Griffith University’s International Women’s Day.

Along with speaking about self love, positivity and the law of attraction, I am also available to chat about my experience in the Film & Television industry. I chat about how I focused on the positives within an industry full of competition, cyber bullying and rejection.

I have a passion for sharing feel good content whether it be through writing or speaking. I have found my content also resonates with children and teens. I can relate and connect to the youth of today, as a lot of this negativity occurred through my teen years. I believe there is a need to educate children about comparing themselves, the power of positivity and using social media positively. 




In the past, I have held two 4 week workshops called, ‘A Guide to Happiness,’ and the feedback was incredible, heart warming and emotional for me! I was hired by Griffith University for a 2 hour ‘Guide to Happiness’ workshop, and am more than open to tailoring a workshop for you, your business, class, seminar, event, whatever it may be! I’m very flexible on what, where and which topics!  

Blog Collaborations:

I absolutely LOVE working with like-minded, positive boss ladies! (And men!) But I'm all for girl power! If you create similar content and are passionate about helping and inspiring people, then please let me know!

Meditations and Personalised Meditations:

As you can see in my ‘shop’ section, I create meditations! Meditations are a big part of my events and workshops, but I wanted to record them so I’m able to spread the positivity further, all around the world! I now also offer personalised meditations! All you need to do, is email me and let me know which kind of music/sounds you would like, what topics you would like to focus on, how long you would like it to be and any other specifics you might like to add! You can even add in people’s names, or situations you’re struggling with or want to focus on. I can also curate affirmations for you depending on what you want and need! All of this is confidential. Get in touch if you would like more information.

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