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While I run my own Pass Around the Smile events and courses, I am regularly booked as a a key-note speaker for various events, forums and workplaces. Some past work includes; Griffith University for International Women's Day and again for a Pass Around the Smile workshop for Griffith’s staff. I have been a guest speaker at The Real Her, Real Success Convention, Girls Who Glow, Minding Her Business and The Couch Outloud. I have also been a guest on podcasts such as The Rise and Conquer podcast, Authentic Verdict and Yahoo TV.

Generally, my speaking gigs base around how I went from being happy enough, to truly, deeply happy and fulfilled, through just one thing - the power of my mind. Through the constant rejection and competition I faced growing up in the television and film industry, my self doubt grew to a point where I was blocking success of any kind. It wasn't until I learned to give up control and trust the process, that everything began to flow. I adore talking on self development practices such as meditation, journaling and mindfulness, along with my experience using the law of attraction. I enjoy backing the woo woo side of things with evidence based facts around the power of the mind and visualisation. My courses and key-notes are completely tailored to each different workplace, with the one goal in mind; to inspire and encourage people to realise their full power and potential. A recent review for a wellbeing workshop for the staff at Coomera Springs is below.

"Cleo's Pass Around the Smile workshop was thought provoking, uplifting and educational. It was clear that the workshop was designed specifically for our workplace, after advising her on what topics our staff members wanted to learn more about. Cleo's expertise on self-development topics such as feeling guilt, pressure and self doubt within and outside of the workplace was relatable for everyone involved. The interactive exercises kept everyone engaged and helped our staff not only learn more about themselves, but also each other." - Christopher McMillan - School Principal




As mentioned above, along with my one off events, I also run my own Pass Around the Smile courses/workshops. My 4 week course, ‘A Guide to Happiness,’ has now run 7 times over and the feedback each time has been absolutely mind blowing for me. You can see some reviews and more information on topics here. I tailor workshops based on the business, class, seminar or event I'm attending. I’m very flexible on what, where and which topics. The most popular workshop I have been hired to run is a 2 hour version of my 4 week course, A Guide to Happiness. 

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