Hi! My name is Cleo, I'm the company owner of Pass Around the smile, an actor & speaker from the Gold Coast, Australia. In 2015 I started Pass Around the Smile as a blog in the hope to spread positivity and literally... 'pass around the smile!' Eight years on, my dream is coming true and Pass Around the Smile has expanded into events, courses, meditations and so many exciting and magical products! My oracle cards and journals are now spreading love, guidance and positivity in the thousands around the world. My aim is to guide and inspire you to realise your full power and potential and I feel so lucky that I can do that through my products, meditations, podcast, events & courses!

I am an absolute lover and believer of manifestation and after years of experiencing the competitive and negative side of the film and television industry, diving into these feel good spiritual and self development topics was the only thing giving me hope. After learning as much as I could, I began to experience my own crazy experiences using the law of attraction and I felt pulled to spread the word even further.

YOU have complete control over your life and YOU can manifest anything you want into existence! I find that SO exciting! You have a power beyond anything you could imagine and so many people don't realise this. For those of you who don't know the first thing about the law of attraction - no problem! Check out my podcast or scroll back on my blog for lots of feel good and inspiring content.

In saying this, Pass Around the Smile isn't ALL about the law of attraction, I cover so many different self development and mindfulness topics from dealing with negativity, meditating, self doubt, self love, confidence, finding your right path, setting boundaries and so much more.

I absolutely LOVE hearing from you, so please get in contact or leave me a comment! It inspires me to create more & more of that magical, warm & fuzzy, feel good stuff when I know that people are benefiting.
I hope my Pass Around the Smile finds you at just the right time. If you want to learn more about my story, have a listen to episode 2 of my podcast.