”After a tough couple of months during the year that is 2020 I came across Cleo’s Pass Around the Smile course; A Guide To Happiness. I could not praise it highly enough. Just her own inspirational stories of successful manifestations and lessons she’s learned were enough to start me on a new trajectory for the rest of 2020 and beyond but on top of that the weekly class taught me so much. The lessons I learned I still use daily like my daily mantras, the meditations she recorded for the class and of course manifesting my desires. These things are only a small snippet of what’s included in the class and I urge you to join in on her upcoming courses so you can see for yourself how truly uplifting and life changing her teachings are. Thank you Cleo for bringing so much sunshine back in to my life and for raising my vibration daily!” - Alicia

“I just finished Cleo’s 4 week course for a guide to happiness. In just 4 weeks I have learnt so much about the Law of attraction, Manifestation, letting go of negativity and so much more. Since doing this I have felt so much more confident in reaching my goals and when you put your mind to it, magical things happen! I highly recommend this course and I am so grateful to have experienced this. Thank you Cleo xx” - Sammy

“Thank you so much Cleo! You have such a gift. This course has been so uplifting and inspirational.. I’ve absolutely loved every minute and don’t want it to be over!” - Ebony

"I feel so much lighter."

"This was the most positive and inspiring event I've ever been to in my entire life. I'm still on a high from it. I cannot wait for the next one!"

"I'm still floating"

"You've really helped me see things differently."

"I literally cried the whole way through, I can't articulate my feelings right now."

"I feel very open to everything now, thank you."

"I had such a beautiful night, I came home and raved about it to my husband, I really need it."

"I feel so uplifted and content."

"Cleo, I am so filled with positivity, love, happiness and gratitude, thank you."
- "You're going to change a lot of people's lives."

"Tonight was the most beautiful, intimate event. You spoke so passionately and you could feel the room just connecting naturally. I love what you're doing and spreading soul guiding happiness to everyone with the Law of Attraction."

" So honoured to have you creating such warmth and positivity in our space. So many good vibes floating around last night."

"Thank you for touching our hearts and filling us with love and knowledge on how to be our best selves and live life to the fullest. I took so much away from tonight."

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom, stories and positivity. I left with a sore neck as I nodded almost every second saying, yes, that's brilliant!"

"After tonight, I have the utmost trust in the Universe and I'm so excited to use it."

"The room was just vibrating with love and joy. What a brilliant night!"

"Last night a group of 100 people sat around enthralled by Cleo's guidance. What an incredible atmosphere."

"It was an amazing night and so many of us left vibrating on a high frequency. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing, you're changing lives."

"Such a wonderful, uplifting energy in the room and such valuable advice for everyone to help each of us create our best life"