Everything You Need to Know About Oracle Cards

Everything You Need to Know About Oracle Cards

Hello my Pass Around the Smile’ers!

It has been a while in between Blogs, I’ve been busy building up my shop with more magical products and OH MY GOSH, you should see what I have coming! I know you’re going to love it! So in today’s Blog, I am going to explain everything you need to know about Oracle Cards! I get so many questions about my Positive Guidance Cards, so I thought a good old fashion Blog, was the way to go! So….

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle Cards are usually made up of about 30-60 cards with illustrations and messages. These cards aim to provide you with love and positive guidance. You may have heard people talk about ‘Angel Cards,’ this is just another name for Oracle Cards. Growing up, I would use what I liked to call my ‘Angel Cards,’ all the time! I would lean on them for gentle reassurance and would gain so much hope and inspiration every time I did a reading. This is what guided me to create my own deck! However instead of Oracle Cards, I named them ‘Positive Guidance Cards.’ You can check them out here! Or the Blog I wrote about the making of them!

Positive Guidance Cards can be used whenever you feel you need to. When you’re feeling negative, confused or a little off, use your Positive Guidance Cards for reassurance, answers, motivation and positivity. When you’re feeling good, you can use your Positive Guidance Cards to raise your vibration even further!

Oracle Cards are a great tool for self reflection, as well as manifesting and becoming spiritually aware and in tune with yourself and the Universe, or whatever higher powers you believe in!

Should I get Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards?

I’ve had some Tarot readings done for me, but never learned much about them myself. What I do know, is that there is a certain method to reading Tarot cards, there are do’s and don’ts and they can also be a little… forward, in their answers. Tarot Cards have the ability to tell you what you do want to know, as well as what you don’t want to know. Personally, this scares me a little bit, so especially when I’m doing my own readings, I like to stick to Oracle Cards. Tarot cards are an incredible source if you know how to use them and if you are self and spiritually aware! If you’re just starting out, but still want to be guided with answers, personally I think Oracle Cards are the way to go.

Some people think that if the cards you’re using aren’t Tarot cards, that they don’t have the ability to answer your questions. However, Positive Guidance Cards or Oracle Cards absolutely have the ability to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction, just in a positive way. For example, let’s say you ask your cards something like, ‘will I get this new job?’ You pull your cards and you get; Let it Go, Stop, Rest and Reassess and Clear Your Mind. (All cards from my Positive Guidance Deck.) To me, this would mean to let this one go, to stop, look around and clear your mind before moving forward. Maybe there’s a job that is more suited to you on the horizon that you can’t yet see? Or maybe you will get this job if you let go of the control you’re holding on to in regards to getting it. (Remember that the Universe see’s possibilities that we can’t yet see … when something negative happens, it is usually just a push in the right direction, one day it will make sense.) On the other hand, let’s say you ask the same question and you receive the cards; New Beginnings, Relax, Everything is Okay and Wealth, this essentially is a great sign that the job could be yours!

Can Anyone Read Their Own Oracle Cards?

Yes! Anyone can read their own Oracle Cards/Positive Guidance Cards. You don’t need to be spiritual, you don’t need to have practiced, you don’t even need to know what you’re doing! Whether you think you are or not, we are all intuitive. If you’re reading this Blog right now, you’re somewhat interested in self help, and are on a path to becoming a more positive version of yourself, so I’m telling you now, you’re more intuitive than you realise.

What Can I ask my Oracle Cards?

Anything you like! However here are some questions I like to ask:

What do I need to know?
Is this situation right for me?
What do I need to know about my career?
Tell me about my love life?
Is my manifestation on its way?
Do I need to take action on this idea?
What do my Angels/Universe/whoever you believe in, want me to know?

With the question, ‘what is coming up for me?‘ I like to pull three cards out, which represent 1. Past 2. Present 3. Future. You can also do weekly or monthly spreads. I love doing this in January for the whole year and revisiting my spread.

How Do I Get the Best Reading Out of My Cards?

Before using your deck for the first time, make the deck uniquely your own by connecting it to your energy. While in a calm and positive headspace, touch each card with the intention that your energy is pouring into your deck. Get to know your cards! 

 You can ask whatever higher power you believe in to talk to you through the cards. Often I’ll ask the Universe, or my deceased loved ones who I see as angels.

Shuffle the cards while asking your question. You can pull cards out at random when you feel the need to, or stop, pulling a few cards from the top of the deck. There are no set rules. Often single cards will jump or fall out - that’s usually a special message for you. Use your intuition.

You can give readings for yourself or others. When doing a reading for yourself, focus on you, your thoughts and feelings. When reading for others, I like to imagine a beam of energy/light radiating from the deck of cards to them. I feel this connects their energy and current situations to the deck. If someone else uses/touches your deck, repeat the first step to get re-connected. You want your deck to feel completely yours and completely connected to you!

Tips to Make Your Reading Even More Powerful

Meditation before a spread can be super powerful in connecting to your higher self and higher powers. I also recommend writing down what cards you get with a date, this way you can look back at synchronicities and possibly see that what you pulled a few months ago, predicted the reality you’re currently living in now. Late last year I created a Positive Guidance Journal which pairs perfectly with my Positive Guidance Cards! I’ve popped some pictures below! This is available in my shop section, along with my Cards and Meditations which can help enhance your readings also! 

 I hope this Blog has helped you become a little clearer on the magic of Oracle Cards and I hope that you have or will have some incredible readings with my Positive Guidance Cards.

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch on my contact page.

Lots of love, Cleo xx

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