My Weekly Manifestation Routine

My Weekly Manifestation Routine

Hello! I hope you've had a magical day so far ~ and if you haven't, that's okay too! It's never too late to put a positive spin on your day. Which is why I thought I would share my ultimate manifestation routine with you. Trust that you are reading this at the most perfect time ~ are you ready to manifest your dreams?! 

I strive to do this routine weekly, because not only does it have me feeling calm and optimistic ~ it ACTUALLY WORKS!

1. Set Your Space 

Create a nice ambient setting for your manifestation routine! Light a candle, pop your salt lamp on, light some incense ~ whatever works for you!

2. Journal - Release the bad, bring in the good!

Open your journal and let anything that is bothering you out. Don't judge yourself, just put your pen to paper and LET IT OUT. Any limiting beliefs, fears, anger toward yourself or others, confusion, feelings of anxiety ~ put it into words as best you can and begin to release it. If you struggle with this, my Positive Guidance Journal has guided sections and my new journals come with a hand out of journal prompts.

Once you're feeling a little lighter, with hopefully a little more clarity, it's time to write out what it is that you want. What are you manifesting at the moment? Get specific. Whether it is one thing or 10, put it out to the Universe.

3. Meditate

I usually do this routine at night, so I often do my own night time manifestation meditation. Whether you are a regular meditator, or a total beginner - this meditation is good for everyone! You can find this meditation along with 18 others here. There are also 2 of those meditations on my podcast you can listen to and see if my voice is something you would like to meditate to of course. 😂

Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress & anxiety, enhance mood, promote healthy sleep and even produce measurable changes in your brain regions opening your mind up to powerful visualisations, which we know - is a huge part of manifestation!

4. Oracle Card Reading

My favourite part. I always find my card readings are 100x more magical during my manifestation routine. I am so much more calm and connected and my cards definitely respond to that energy. Ask your cards any questions you like, don't be afraid to be specific. You'll get the answers you need.

5. Journal - Take Note

If anything came to you in your meditation, no matter how weird, uncomfortable, too big, or not big/exciting enough ~ note them down and put a date on it. You never know what these signs may mean.

Also write down the cards you received. I love looking back and seeing how the cards I pulled earlier, came true later down the track!

6. Sit In Gratitude 

It's time to raise your vibration and give your manifestations no choice but to be attracted to your energy. Here, I like to Spotify relaxing music and literally just sit and be. Whether you are reflecting on what you are currently grateful for or feeling grateful for what you are bringing in - just allow the good feelings to flow.

7. A High Vibe Activity 

As you finish off your manifestation routine, make sure your next move is something you enjoy! Don't jump on social media and look at a page you know will bring you down, don't turn on the TV and watch the news which you know will leave you feeling anxious. Read a good book, play a board game, pour yourself a tea, call a friend - whatever will keep you in that high vibrational state - DO! By doing this, you are also surrendering... it's time to let it go. 'I accept this, or something better' is the perfect mantra to repeat when you find yourself wanting to control your desire.

Below are the magical products I use for my weekly manifestation routine. Click the pictures to learn more. 

Pass Around the Smile Positive Guidance Oracle Cards
Pass Around the Smile Manifest Journal
Pass Around the Smile Positive Guidance Journal
Pass Around the Smile Guided Affirmation Cards
Pass Around the Smile Positive Guidance Cards

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