Your 2023 Horoscope Mantras

Positive Affirmations for each Horoscope Sign for 2023

What is Your Star Sign's Positive Mantra for 2023?!

Hello, long time, no blog! However here I am and I am back with a good one. A blog which can bring you not only guidance, but also a powerful mantra specific to your horoscope to take with you throughout 2023.

I was scrolling through Instagram in late December and I came across Moon Omens incredibly accurate horoscope predictions for 2023. I’m a Scorpio and my jaw was on the floor when I read mine. When I read my Husband's and Dad's Leo Horoscope, along with my Mum's Virgo horoscope, I knew these were the real deal! 

So I decided, based on their predictions, I would create mantras for each zodiac sign. Studies have shown that repeating a mantra can strengthen certain neural pathways and mantra meditation has been linked to many emotional effects like calm concentration and the quietening of mental chatter. There are so many positive benefits to repeating and BELIEVING the mantras that you’re stating, so I encourage you to repeat yours as much as you can in 2023. The exciting thing about these mantras are they're specifically created for you, based on your star sign. 

I have popped the tiles below where you can find your horoscope mantra! You can save or screenshot these to send to friends, family or even print and pop on your mirrors, desk etc. If you want to read your horoscope prediction, you can find them on Moon Omens.

Cleo xx


LEO HOROSCOPE Moon Omens Pass Around the Smile
Virgo Moon Omens Pass Around the Smile Horoscope Affirmations
Libra Horoscope Prediction Moon Omens Pass Around the Smile
Scorpio Zodiac 2023
Sagittarius Zodiac Mantra Prediction
Aquarius Horoscope Positive Mantra 2023
Capricorn Star Sign Mantra Moon Omens Pass Around the Smile
PISCIES Horoscope zodiac prediction 2023

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