Do Less, Attract More - Gabby Bernstein Live Re-Cap

Do Less, Attract More - Gabby Bernstein Live Re-Cap

In November last year, my birthday was approaching and I got an email announcing Gabby Bernstein’s Australian workshop. My heart went crazy. I LOVE GABBY. So I really inconspicuously forwarded my partner Luke the email and said PLEASE GET ME A TICKET TO THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY, I WILL BE SO SAD IF THIS ISN’T MY PRESENT LOVE YOU, BYE. Much to my absolute shock and surprise my birthday came around and there was my Gabby Bernstein ticket. Thanks Luke.

If you don’t know who Gabby Bernstein is, she is a speaker and author of The Universe Has Your Back, Super Attractor and so many more. (But they’re my two favs.) I’ve learnt so much from Gabby and often draw on her lessons in my blogs, so when it came to seeing her live I was SO excited and completely star struck to be honest! In today’s blog, I’m going to breakdown some of what I learnt at the workshop for you. It was an inspiring, eye opening and incredible day. Here we go:


This sentence puts me at ease. Gabby talked a lot about how attracting should be easy and really, you can do much less than you think you need to, and attract way more. I learnt this when I read Super Attractor last year and I’ve been living by it since. Not only does it relax me and remind me that I don’t always have to be pushing and hustling toward my goals, it has also given me more freedom and time to do what I want, without feeling guilty for taking time out.

By doing less, essentially we’re surrendering which is the most powerful step you can take toward attracting your desires. Finding that perfect middle ground in between doing nothing and surrendering can be tricky. By ‘doing less,’ Gabby doesn’t mean sit back, do nothing and wait for your desire to be brought to you, she means enjoy working toward your goals, and de-tach form the outcome.

We set goals because they’re something we want to achieve and we know that when we achieve these goals we will feel amazing. So why not feel amazing now? Why not treat the process of getting to where we want to be as fun and exciting, not as stressful, nerve racking and overwhelming. At the end of the day, you set these goals, so you get to choose how your perceive these goals. You are the only person who can put pressure on yourself. What is the point? If you perceive your dreams as big, stressful and overwhelming, your energy is going to attract that right back, but if you perceive your dreams as simple, exciting and fun, not only will the process become easier, the outcome will be brought to you quicker and in a much better way than you could have ever imagined.

To de-tach from the outcome means to let go of your idea of what is the best outcome for you. We’re lucky that we are able to lean on a higher power that completely has our back. When Gabby is manifesting, she uses the mantra ‘I accept this or something better,’ and I have used it for years now too. The Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in, see’s possibilities that you can’t yet see. When I began to completely trust and lean on my higher power, using ‘I accept this or something better,’ often, what I had in mind wouldn’t come to me, but something way more incredible would. And that’s because I wasn’t absolutely set on one particular outcome, but I was set on the feeling I wanted to feel when that outcome or another materialised.

ATTRACTING SHOULD BE FUN! Using the ‘do less, attract more’ method basically means this;

  1. Ask for your desire when you’re in a positive state of mind.

  2. Work toward your desire here and there, when it feels right.

  3. Keep a positive mindset on a GOOD FEELING outcome, not on a particular outcome. (So just focus on the feeling you want to have when your desire comes into fruition)

  4. Use the mantra, ‘I accept this or something better.’

  5. Relax, trusting that the Universe has your back



Are you energetically strangling the Universe? Often when we want something, we feel we need to push, freak out and allow our thoughts to be consumed over this one particular dream. Manic Manifesting really goes hand in hand with the ‘do less, attract more’ method. It’s all about letting go.

Manifesting your perfect life isn’t going to come from non-stop journaling, meditating, repeating mantras and visualising. This pushy energy gets in the way of your manifesting power. Remember, attracting should be easy, and it should be enjoyable. This lesson to me was refreshing to hear, because often I’ll feel guilty if I’m not focusing on what I want, or I stress about not doing ‘enough’ to achieve my goals and manifest my desires. The Universe doesn’t respond to manic, pushy and needy energy, the Universe responds to positive, flexible and relaxed energy. Gabby says, it’s not about doing, it’s about being.

At the workshop I pulled out the same card twice which said, ‘I don’t need to find my purpose, my purpose will find me’. Having a mindset like this is the exact opposite of ‘manic manifesting.’ When you work toward your goals, enjoying every step of the way, while giving up control of how it comes into play, manifesting becomes effortless.


The choose again method is something that Gabby Bernstein has created and I resonate so much with it. Basically, you can use the choose again method when you’re feeling off, negative, confused, angry etc. Here we go;

  1. Notice the thought.

    When you’re stuck in a negative thought pattern, take a step back and recognise that your thoughts are out of alignment with joy. Sometimes we can go a day or two with negative thoughts consuming our minds yet we don’t acknowledge or recognise they’re even there, creating tension, anxiety and fear.

    Eg: I’m feeling doubtful, I’m having thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘it’s too hard’. (These types of thoughts would no doubt bring on anxiety which would block you from moving forward.)

  2. Forgive the thought

    Forgive yourself for being misaligned and celebrate your desire to change! Noticing the thought and having a desire to change is a HUGE step! Gabby says, to thank your negative thoughts for showing you what you don’t want and what you do.

    Eg: I forgive myself for feeling doubtful, it’s only natural, but I want to feel optimistic and confident so I can move forward.

  3. Choose again

    What is the next best feeling thought that you can find in this moment? In this step, you don’t want to then reach for a thought that might be too far of a stretch from the negative thoughts you were just consumed by like; ‘I’m going to conquer the world,’ or ‘I’m going to have everything done today.’ You want to choose the next best feeling thought, something that is achievable and believable for you right now so that you can start feeling more positive and get yourself back into the flow of an exciting life.

    Eg: ‘I’ve already done so much work on this project.’ (Then keep growing on this, what is the NEXT best feeling thought?) ‘I’m having lunch with a friend today who always lifts me up.’ (Again!) ‘I’m finally making an effort to get out of this negative thought pattern’ (MORE) ‘I’m having pasta for dinner.’ (KEEP CLIMBING!) ‘I got positive feedback on my last project.’ ‘My family have been so supportive.’ ‘When I choose to start something, I always finish it.’ ‘I get paid today.’ ‘I’ve got a fun weekend coming up.’ ‘I have the afternoon off to work on my own project.’ (YES YES YES!)

Do you see how I keep reaching for the next best thought? It doesn’t have to be a huge leap, it’s just what is making you feel good in that moment. Keep climbing until you’re feeling that bit better each time, soon thoughts like I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD, won’t be too far fetched!

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog. I hope you absolutely loved it! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Also, I created a free 20 minute guided meditation specific to what we’re going through in the world right now. It can help release anxiety and negative thoughts, while bringing in positive thoughts and hope. Click here to download.

Cleo xx

Gabby Bernstein Do Less Attract More
April 7, 2020

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