Creating a Life in Flow

Creating a Life in Flow

To surrender, is to give all of your worries, concerns and wants and desires over to the Universe. When you completely surrender and trust the process, your life will flow.

You know those days when everything just works?! You get a park in the busiest street, you arrive a perfect 5 minutes before your meeting, you talk with ease, you get messages from friends organising social occasions that fall on the perfect day for you, emails come through at a perfect moment where you have time to reply, you get your work done quickly with a clear and focused mind, music sounds great and lifts the vibe even higher and everything seems possible…. you know those days?

You can have those days … whenever you like. Only YOU have the power to control the kind of days that you have. We get to choose whether we’re happy or sad, optimistic or close minded, positive or negative, proactive or lazy. We have a choice.

Of course somedays are harder than others, negative things can happen and it’s more than okay, in fact I ENCOURAGE you to cry, be angry and to let it all out … but just be careful not to stay in that state of mind. No one, not even Oprah can be positive all the time. (She might be able to actually…. but no one else can). And that is okay. If you’ve had a bad day, don’t feel guilty about having a cry, eating your feelings or letting your bad mood surface - you’re only human. BUT, only give yourself a limited amount of time. For example: When I lost one of my favourite jackets recently in Perth, I gave myself 20 MINUTES to be angry and feel stupid for losing it. Then I got over it because what is the point?! It’s gone. And I’m alive, so yay. When my US visa got declined and $7000 went down the drain, along with all my hard work for the previous 3 years in the States, I gave myself the WEEKEND to cry, watch movies, eat chocolate and be angry. Then I got over it because what is the point? It’s done. And I’m alive, so yay. You can’t create a life in flow if you constantly allow yourself to wallow in a bad mood, feeling sorry for yourself and thinking ‘woe is me!’

To create a life in flow, there are three things that are crucial; 1. To do things that make you happy. 2. To surrender 3. To trust the process….. To do all of these things successfully, you must FEEL good! So first, let’s talk about some things that may get in the way of feeling good.

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed.
Sometimes, for no rhyme or reason, you wake up feeling like crap. Some days it’s harder to shake than others, but shake, shake, shake until you rid yourself of that mood, because that mood ain’t doing you or your flow-y life any favours! Make yourself a healthy breakfast, drink a heap of water and have a shower. If you have time, stretch, or do some form of yoga or exercise. Get yourself feeling physically good. Wash your hair, put on your good smelling moisturiser, whatever you need to do! Then, say your thank yous! What is it that you’re thankful for? Focus on everything that IS working in your life, and say thank you out loud, or write it down in your journal. If you have time, a positive meditation, even a 5 minute meditation will help change your mood immensely. You can download my meditations here.

When negative things happen around you that you can’t control.
This is a tricky one, because it’s natural to go with the urge to help or get involved when something arises with your colleagues, friends, family or sometimes even strangers. However, resist that urge. Do you really need to get involved? Is this your problem? If you do need to get involved, protect your energy by keeping yourself at a safe distance. The moment you begin to feel anxious, or notice your energy draining or negative thoughts start to consume you, politely remove yourself from the situation. Protecting yourself and your energy is not selfish. You’ll notice that when you are in flow and feeling good, negative things will still happen around you, but they just won’t bother you. It’s pretty crazy how something can be perceived so differently when you’re in a good mood vs a bad mood.

When limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns creep in.
Again, meditation can be very powerful when these thoughts start to consume your mind as can practicing gratitude. Focusing on what you DO have, rather than what you DON’T have and creating some positive mantras to say throughout the day can also really help. Let’s say your limiting belief is: ‘I don’t have enough time.’ Your mantra could be; ‘I have plenty of time to get everything I want done, thank you Universe for making this easy.’ If your limiting belief is ‘I’m never going to find a partner,’ your mantra could be ‘love is flowing to me, thank you Universe for sending the perfect person my way.’ Limiting beliefs aside, something we, especially women can struggle with, is over thinking and worrying about small things that don’t even matter and we can often make something tiny, way bigger in our minds. When you’re stressing about an email that hasn’t been returned, or if something you said earlier came out wrong, just remind yourself that this is just a temporary feeling, it will pass, so why waste your energy stressing over it now? Plus, chances are that email will be returned, and that the way you spoke wasn’t ever an issue in the first place. Cut yourself some slack, go easy on yourself! It’s alllllllll good! Often I worry about things I say or do, or things I DON’T say or do, and then I remember … nobody else cares, nobody else noticed, nobody else is judging, this is all self judgement. Time to let it go.

SO, we’ve talked about overcoming some negatives which will allow us more time in this incredible life we’ve been given to FEEL GOOD. When you’re feeling good, focus on step 1, which is do even more things that make you feel good. Raise your vibration even higher! This is when manifesting and attracting your desires become effortless.

Step 2. Now it’s time to surrender, to give all of your negatives like your worries and concerns AND all of your positives, like your manifestations and desires over to the Universe. The Universe is more than happy and SO capable of taking care of this for you. Surrendering is incredible, because what it means is to give everything over, and to just enjoy your life, while the best possible opportunities and circumstances are being worked out and sent your way. It’s normal to want to control our lives and everything that happens in it, because we believe we’re the best person for that job. But we aren’t! There is a higher power up there, that has your back … if you let it.

Step 3. A really crucial part of surrendering is trusting the process, by trusting the process, you’re allowing the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in to do its thing. The Universe has had my back for YEARS! Ever since I started believing, I started receiving and it is honestly magic. Once you start manifesting your desires, it’s addictive. I have been in complete shock looking back at how the Universe has panned out my life - pleasant shock. While things might seem negative at the time, like Gabby Bernstein says, ‘obstacles are detours in the right direction,’ the Universe just has something better in store for you and it ALWAYS makes sense in the end. TRUST that everything is panning out perfectly for you. TRUST that everything is coming to you at the perfect time. Give over all control and just enjoy this incredible life you have, showing gratitude and thinking positively. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Cleo xx

Photography: Lucy Cuickshank



January 29, 2020

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