My First Pass Around the Smile Event

My First Pass Around the Smile Event

On the morning of the 20th of September 2018, I woke up with a nervous tummy and thought to myself… what have I done?!

What I did was this: I listened to my heart and took note of the signs that the Universe had been sending me. I finally surrendered, trusting that the Universe had a plan for me. And that it did!

When I finished school in 2010 I was certain that acting was going to be my only career. I was sure it was the only thing I was good at and the only thing that made me happy. For years I worked tirelessly on my acting career. I spent so much energy, time and money trying to make my dreams a reality. Four years later, I decided to write Pass Around the Smile, to help myself. I would write about things that made me feel good, things that filled me with hope and inspiration. Then I realised that people were benefiting from what I was writing. I began thriving off helping people and hearing their feedback about how my blogs had helped them in their lives.

I continued writing and working away on my acting career. I was getting so many signs from the Universe to pursue speaking but I kept ignoring it, even though it had become a passion. I kept thinking it was something I would do after I was happy with my acting career. Almost every time for three years, my Doreen Virtue angel card deck would give me the same reading of: ‘Speaker,’ ‘Healer,’ and ‘Spiritual Teacher.’

I blocked the process for so long because I was scared, filled with self doubt and didn’t want to admit that acting wasn’t my only path. Well, I finally listened. And now looking back, what seemed like the biggest obstacles at the time, have become the greatest blessings and detours for me.

You might have one path, you might have several. But I am so certain that Pass Around the Smile and using my blog to speak and motivate is certainly one right path for me. Since I surrendered and put all my faith in knowing the Universe has an amazing plan for me, things have flowed like they never have before. With Pass Around the Smile events and acting! It’s like I’m being rewarded for having faith and listening to the Universe’s guidance.

When you’re in the flow of the Universe, miracles occur. Gabby Bernstein says: Miracles are natural, when they’re not occurring, something is wrong.

I want this to be a lesson and I want to stress, that as much as we think we know ourselves and what we want and need in this lifetime, the Universe always has a better plan. You have to learn to listen and act on it’s guidance, trusting that you’re being looked after.

My first event was so special for me. The space was filled with the most beautiful, magical and calm energy that I have ever felt! Everyone who came was willing to learn. There was no judgement, negativity or limiting beliefs. I’m still getting messages three weeks after where people are putting what they learnt into practice, or seeing the signs they got in their meditations and it is all so exciting for me to hear!

I am wanting to do more and more events, so if you’re interested, make sure you subscribe to my Blog on my contact page and follow @passaroundthesmile on Instagram.

I hope that this inspires you all to follow your dreams and take a leap of faith. You know what is scarier than failing? Never starting!

P.s. At the end of my event, a good friend of mine, Michelle, got up and said ‘at the start of this year, Cleo told me she wanted to hold events in a really pretty space and help inspire people. She also said that we would work together.’ I totally forgot I said this and at the start of the year, holding an event was a dream that I thought might happen 10 years down the track. Michelle also created a beautiful floristry business called Bloom Jar this year and worked at my event. Crazy that I was using the Law of Attraction without even knowing. Make sure you pay attention to your thoughts and dreams and be careful what you wish for!

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