You Should Go and Love Yourself

You Should Go and Love Yourself

Thank you Justin Biebs, yes we should, we should all go and love ourselves! 

Loving yourself is one of the most important factors of life. If you don't love yourself, how will you have the confidence or faith in yourself to do the things in life that you want?

Now, there is a fine line here. I'm not saying you should start taking 100's of selfies and change your personality to a narcissistic one. I'm simply saying, start loving who YOU are. Start now. 

YOU are different to everyone else, and yes I say this lots in my blogs, but it's because it's so important. No one else is YOU, and I can bet there are people who love things about YOU that you wouldn't even notice. The same as how you like that girl's hair, or that guy's style, or that girl's eyes. Everyone seems to want what they can't have, so what does that mean? That people want what YOU have. 

STEP ONE (And the hardest.)

Start accepting and loving your 'flaws' (Or whatever you believe are your flaws.)

I used to absolutely hate the gap in my two front teeth. But now I realise that it makes me different. A few people have even told me that they like it and that it makes me, me. It took me a while, but I now accept it and have learnt to like it. 

My freckles... I also used to hate these. It makes me feel a little sad thinking back to when I used to hate on things that make me, me. They are not gross, or ugly. I now see that they are beautiful, and a part of ME. 

I know some people will read this and think, God she's 'up-herself'. But to be honest, when you grow up, you realise that the haters are just jealous people. You ARE NOT 'up-yourself' if you like something about yourself. You are certainly not 'up-yourself' if you learn to accept and end up LOVING something about your body. You go and love yourself and don't let anyone try to tell you there is something wrong with that. 


Start complimenting other people's looks, traits etc.

Doesn't it make your day when someone compliments you? You can't lie, it makes you feel good! And to be honest, one of the reasons that I started accepting my gap in my teeth was because of other people's compliments. It's a bit sad that I couldn't just decide this myself, but when I realised other people liked it, I thought why the hell don't I like this myself? You can have a big impact on other people's thoughts, especially those with low self esteem. So why not compliment your friends, family, or strangers and help them realise that something/everything about themselves is in fact, beautiful. 



You might really love your hair, or the way you can dance, or the way you treat people with kindness, and these are all great. But these are single traits or single things. 

You need to LOVE and ACCEPT every single thing about you. This is hard, it really is. Especially if you're having a bad day, or keep making silly mistakes. It's hard to love yourself in those situations because you end up being angry with yourself. This is natural and nothing to feel bad about! When you are feeling like this, instead of wallowing in it, try to start looking at the positives about yourself. Are you alive? Are you nice to people? Do people like having you around? Do you have hair on your head? Do you have nice clothes? Do you have eyes, ears, and a mouth that functions properly? I'm sure you have lots of reasons to love yourself and although it can be hard to see at times, you need to really try. First accept, and then love those things. 

Remember, it is not at all 'up-yourself' or vain to love yourself. It's natural and you SHOULD love yourself because YOU are amazing. 

Once you start loving yourself, and I mean really loving yourself and believing that everything about you is beautiful, watch what happens. Everything will change! Your confidence, your love for life, you will become more positive, you will attract more people whether it be as friends or in a relationship, and you will without knowing be applying the law of attraction to your life and start receiving goodness everywhere and within everything that comes your way! 

Cleo xx

May 31, 2016

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