Surround Yourself with Goodness!

Surround Yourself with Goodness!

It's so easy in this day and age to be surrounded by negative energy. This energy might come from people, it might come from social media, articles, this energy can even come from the weather! 

If you're having a bad day, negative energy can even come from a pen that won't work or the driver in the car in front of you. 


1. Don't talk or think about it.

2. Surround yourself with good and positive people, situations and things!

1. One of the biggest ruts you can get yourself into is talking about this negative energy that you have encountered. "Oh my God, every car was going so slow today," or "Geeze (whoever)is pissing me off," or "I feel like crap today, everything is going wrong." It might seem unfair that this negative stuff attracted you in the first place, but science has proved that the Law of Attraction is real and sorry, but it looks like you attracted it yourself! 

Parts of the Law of Attraction I don't understand. Like, for example, no one deserves to live in a country full of war and devastation and no one deserves to loose loved ones etc. I really believe there is no rhyme or reason for that. BUT I do believe there is rhyme and reason for the Law of Attraction in a lot of other things because I have seen it first hand with myself, and other people. 

If something bad, unfair or negative happens to you, that sucks, BUT, get over it! Not in a harsh way, just seriously get over it or you will attract more yucky stuff. Whenever something crappy happens to me, I always think to myself, someone is way worse off. 

Don't use this bad thing for attention. That's another trap. When something bad happens to you, it's natural to want attention from people to make yourself feel better. Completely natural. Fight the natural and don't tell anyone. Wack a smile on your face, think about how lucky you are to have everything else in your life, and start thinking about how you could fix the problem instead of wallowing in it. 

When something negative is happening to me or around me, I say positive things to myself over and over. You can think I'm weird, I don't care! But you should try it. Constantly reminding yourself that everything is okay, is sending out signals to the Universe that you're okay. Everything you send out has to come back. That's the law! 

These might help you next time something is going on:

  • Everything is okay.

  • Everything will work out how it is supposed too.

  • I am surrounded by positive people.

  • I am thankful.

  • I am healthy.

  • I am loved.

Even if these things aren't happening, like you're sick, or you aren't surrounded by positive people, the only way you're going to get yourself out of this is believing that you're healthy or that you're surrounded by positive people. I don't meditate because I am so restless, but if you do, going over these while your meditating will set your day up in the best way possible! 

2. This is pretty simple. Surround yourself with positive people, situations, and things!


  • Watch a movie that is going to make you sad

  • Listen to sad songs if it's going to make you sad

  • Hang with that person who brings you down

  • Think about previous situations if it makes you all tense and angry inside. (Old jobs, ex's, fights with family or friends.)

  • Look for drama


  • Listen to feel good songs and watch happy movies

  • Hang around positive and uplifting people

  • Constantly look forward and not behind, remembering to think positively about your future.

  • Ignore drama that may happen around you.

Moral of this blog, surround yourself with positive people, situations and things and you will 100% be a happier more positive version of yourself!

Cleo xx

This beautiful dress is from Renee Loves Frances. I featured her dress on this blog because when I first walked into Renee's store she was so happy, bright and welcoming! Her clothes and beautiful store reflect her personality. Surround yourself with these kinds of people! 


July 27, 2016

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