How to Find Your Niche! (Exercise Wise)

How to Find Your Niche! (Exercise Wise)

I have never been a lover of exercise, in fact I would say I used to be a hater of exercise! 

If you visit my blog often, you would have previously read something like, 'life is short,' or 'don't waste your time doing things that you don't like,' 'live life to the fullest,' etc etc. Well, in this post I will be talking about just that!

Life IS short, and life IS amazing, so don't waste time doing things that you don't like! Moving your body is important, and exercising is proven to release endorphins which make you happy. I'm sure everyone reading this has exercised before, so you would know too, that exercising also makes you feel really good afterwards. Maybe you get a sense of pride or just a general good feeling within yourself. 

I definitely like the feeling I get after exercising, although the feeling before, I really don't enjoy. If you're like me, you will DREAD exercising. But I now see that I was only dreading exercising because the type of exercising I was doing wasn't right for me. Say if I had a boxing class after work, I would spend all day thinking about it and not looking forward to it. That is wasting time! That is being negative when it's not necessary, and putting negative thoughts out into the Universe which is the last thing we want to do!

So I decided to try new things, and I didn't put any pressure on myself to do so. I feel when you don't put pressure on yourself, you automatically relax, and feel a sense of freedom. What's the point of putting pressure on ourselves? Take your time, do everything at your own pace, and stop comparing yourself to others! (Especially on Social Media!) 

So I went from running on the beach, to boxing, to F45, to power walks and I found myself still dreading the exercise. All the classes I was doing were amazing, but they just weren't for me. 

While I said I HATED exercise, I did enjoy dancing (because who doesn't), and walking on the beach. Walks whether it be on the beach or on a side path is such an amazing way to clear your head. It's also a great way to catch up with friends or spend time with your Dog! But I needed more...

Then I decided to try Pilates. I had seen it come up in my news feed and found online that there was a KX Pilates right near my house at Miami! Oh my God. I walked in, and automatically felt relaxed. Not only is their venue relaxing and positive, but their instructors and even customers all seem to reflect that vibe as well. There was no pressure which I loved, you can do every exercise at your own pace and with how ever much pressure on your machine that you feel necessary. There are positive quotes all around the room, and everyone who is there, of all shapes, sizes and ages all seem to support each other through the classes. 

I have now been doing KX Pilates for 2 months, and I'm still loving it. I've found my niche! If you're like me and struggling to find the motivation to keep moving, give Pilates a try. It's the perfect mix of slow and steady but still works you out completely. Plus, each class is different, there is no way you could get bored in these classes.

Another thing I found with Pilates is that I have noticed results. WHAT?! RESULTS?! FROM EXERCISE?! I don't think I have ever noticed results from exercise in my life. I have always remained a similar shape, and that's because I wasn't exercising regularly or pushing myself because I didn't enjoy it! What I'm excited about is I'm getting the results I want! No muscles or anything crazy, I just feel way better within myself. I'm more flexible and becoming more toned. When I wake up, I rarely have a sore back and neck anymore, and I do put it down to Pilates, because you are stretching and working every muscle in your body, but not in a vigorous way!

Whatever your niche is, I really hope you find it! Because as always, the scientists are right, exercising does release endorphins and that does make you HAPPY! The happier you are the more positive you are, and the more positive you are, the more good things you attract! And then, BAM you're living your life the way you want by using the Law of Attraction without even knowing. Congrats! 

September 21, 2016

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