Trust the Process

Trust the Process

I often talk about the Law of Attraction because I think it's amazing. There are stories out there from people who have actively used the power of positive thought and the law of attraction that have blown my mind. We really do have complete control over our lives, and while we may not have complete control of our thoughts, we do have control over which thoughts we give attention too. 

Giving your good thoughts attention only creates more good thoughts. When you have good thoughts, you say positive things, you do positive things and subconsciously you surround yourself with positive people and situations. By doing this, you have already put yourself on a great frequency. 

If you have read The Secret or other books on the Law of Attraction, you will know about frequencies. Basically you can put yourself on any frequency whether it be a negative one, or a positive one. When you are on the right frequency, you will know. You will feel good, positive and happy. Your frequency is constantly being sent out into the Universe, and you only get back what you put in.

The Secret has steps:

1. Ask.

2. Believe. 

3. Receive. 

It's really as simple as that. When you make an order online, you trust and know that that item you ordered is yours right? Treat the Law of Attraction the same. If you ask for something, the next step is to truly believe that you have that something. Believe that you deserve it and that it's already in your possession. Imagine the feeling of receiving it, talk about it and relax knowing that whatever it is you want, is yours. 

Then what you need to do, is throw the thought away, and TRUST THE PROCESS! It's tough, because when you want something it is normal to constantly think about that something. But once you have done the work of asking and believing that it is yours, just go on living your life like normal. You have to trust that what you asked for is coming. And the Universe will do so in the best way possible for YOU. 

Make sure you don't fall into the trap of freaking out because whatever you want has not arrived yet. It's very easy to get impatient, but this will only slow the process down. You will send out negative thoughts, and put yourself on a negative frequency. Then of course, the Universe will give you back what you have been putting in - NEGATIVITY! 

A lot of the time we are using the Law of Attraction without even knowing, and that is actually the best way to do it. If you are constantly wishing for something, and waiting for something good to appear it's not going to happen. Because you are 'wishing' and 'waiting' for something that you don't have. You need to ask, believe and then let it all go, and you will receive. 


Cleo xx 

October 19, 2016

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