It's Okay.

It's Okay.

I have people say to me, 'you're so happy and positive all the time!' Wrong. I'm not. I wish I was! But really, no one can be happy and positive ALL of the time. We all have our days, weeks, months how ever long it may be, where we are not happy. There might be a reason, or there might not. And that is totally OKAY

I've been sad, I've been stressed and I've been negative at times and to be honest, sometimes there is no real reason why. A way I get by is reminding myself that I have a beautiful family, boyfriend and friends, and that is all I need. Although, sometimes despite what you have, you feel things for no reason. And that is okay. Trying to get out of a negative rut can be hard, but being negative isn't going to get you anywhere, so get yourself out asap! One negative thought leads to another, and then BAM you hate everything, everything is bad, everyone hates you, everything is going wrong, bla bla bla! It's the worst trap you could get yourself into. But at times, it feels good to wallow in it because it's easy. Don't get too used to taking the easy road, because it will bite you in the back when you realise that you have been un-happy for a long time. 

Do whatever makes you feel happy. Go outside, see friends, take a day off work to relax, read a book, write a to do list and get everything done, read The Secret, read some positive quotes, look at photos of yourself where you were at your happiest and feel that feeling. Sleep, exercise, watch a movie, listen to happy music, spend time with family, pray, whatever works for you, do it. Spend time working on YOU. No one else, YOU. 

If you have a goal, start working on it. There is no better feeling than being proud of yourself and knowing you have achieved something you maybe thought you couldn't. Force yourself to do happy and positive things that will get you out of this rut that you may be in. 

If you're not in a negative rut right now, that is amazing. I'm happy for you! Remember this for when you might need it, but for now, continue being happy, remind yourself that you're great and fill your weeks with activities that work alongside your life purpose. 

Moral of this blog post; It is okay to feel however you are feeling. Happy, sad, excited, negative, angry, jealous, content. Never feel guilty for the way you are feeling, and never compare yourself to the way others 'seem' to be feeling. You don't know how they really feel. You only know how YOU really feel. So work on YOU. Look after YOU. Be a happy YOU. And if it takes you a while to get there...


Cleo xx

March 7, 2016

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