Getting positive can be tricky. Especially if there are things happening in your life that you don't like...which unfortunately happens to everyone. 

Here's the catch, you can't control what happens to other people and you can't control situations that you have nothing to do with... but, you CAN control what happens to YOU and the situations YOU are involved in. Never forget that you have complete control of your life, because control is the key to becoming the most positive person you can be. You can easily unlock the life that YOU want by being more positive.

If you have read my blogs before, you would know that positivity is absolutely, definitely, 100% the key. Once you become a more positive version of yourself, you will find that everything you want will start to fall into place.

Being positive not only helps YOU, but it also helps everyone around you. People will start feeding off your positive energy and want more of what you are feeling. I've said it before and I'll say it again, POSITIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS.

I've decided to break this blog down a bit into what not to do.... and what to do to become a positive, happy and smiley human. 


(Let's get this negative stuff out of the way first)

  • I know I'm kind of going against what I am doing right now, but DON'T talk about negative things. Don't even give them a thought. If you think about something negative, that will only stress you out and bring more negative thoughts into your mind, talking about it will make it even worse! Don't do it, it's a trap. 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Don't comment negative things on people's photos, videos, status' etc. Not only is that nasty but it's also one of the most negative things you could do. Having a nasty thought about someone in your head is bad enough, but then putting it on Social Media for everyone to see as well as the person you're talking to, is just a whole other level of negativity and (bullying.)Oh and if there is an option, don't click the dislike button. I've never understood why someone would do that, if you don't like what you're seeing, fair enough, but you don't need to let the whole internet know. I see it as screaming out to the Universe, 'I DON'T LIKE THIS, SO I'M GOING TO MAKE A POINT BY PRESSING DISLIKE.' Negative, negative, negative! 
  • Don't judge people. Everyone is different, accept it and move on! I always think, the people that are different to me probably think I'm really weird, so let's just all settle at being individuals. (It's okay to be different!)
  • Don't judge yourself! Like I just said, it's okay to be different. No one else is like you, so own it and be happy that you have your own personality, looks and style. It's so easy to judge yourself, or compare yourself to others, PLEASE DON'T! I know it's easier said than done, but being an actor I am constantly judging and picking on myself and it gets me down so much. Why do I do it?! Why do we all do it?! The other day I did an audition right, and I was so angry at myself. I hated the way I looked, sounded and did the scene. But then my friend who was helping me out, genuinely loved the scene and everything about it. A prime example of judging yourself when it's absolutely not needed! Just think, when you are in one of those down moods and for some reason hating everything about yourself, someone else who you admire or think is fantastic is probably doing the same thing. And guess what? Everyone has admirers, whether you think you do or not, there is someone in this world that wants to be more like you and they wouldn't understand why you are thinking those things about yourself. 
  • Don't day dream about negative things. I find myself dazing off sometimes thinking about situations in my life and how they could go wrong. CLEO! SOOOOO SILLY! IF YOU DO THIS, DON'T! Not only am I going against thinking positive when I do this, but I am also imagining and creating how situations in my life will unfold. If you have read my blog before you will know that if you want something in your life, you have to dream, and believe in the way you want it to come about and it will. So basically, sometimes I fall into the trap of dreaming about how I want situations in my life NOT to turn out. Naughty. 
  • Stop expecting things off other people. You are responsible for yourself and that is it! Don't expect calls, texts, or help from people. Know that the ones around you care for you and leave it at that. Remember when you give, you will receive.

WHAT TO DO! (Yay, this is better.)

  • BE POSITIVE! Duh! It's pretty straight forward. Love yourself, be openly thankful for everything and wear a proper (not fake) smile on your dial everyday because you are alive! 
  • Believe in yourself. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind too. Even if it seems impossible right now. "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm Possible.'" 
  • Love yourself. Like I said above, you are different to everyone, and there is someone in this world who wishes they were more like you, just the way you wish you were more like someone else. So love yourself for who you are and flaunt what you got, because no one else has it! 
  • Love others. If you show love, you will be loved in return. Simple as that. Accept and see beauty in everyone.
  • Work hard on your dreams. There's no better feeling than achieving something. Being proud of yourself is one of those feelings you wish you could have all the time. Well, get started! Start working hard on what you want, and in time everything will start coming together and the dream that was once in your head will be reality and you will feel incredible!
  • Inspire/help others. Another straight forward one. Always be ready to help no matter who or what is needed. 
  • See yourself as a magnet. Whatever you want, imagine yourself as that kind of magnet. Whether it's a happiness magnet, a love magnet, a health magnet, a positive magnet, a new opportunity magnet, a money magnet, etc. Whatever you want, believe that you will attract whatever it is easily and quickly.   
  • Have fun! Life is short, so live it up and do whatever is fun for you

Change the way you think, examples;

If you are thinking 'I feel sick,' instead think, 'I feel healthy.'

If you are thinking 'today is not my day,' think 'today is a good day'

If you are thinking, 'they don't like me,' think 'everyone benefits from my presence and likes having me around.'

If you are thinking, 'I'm not good enough at my job,' think 'I got this job for a reason, I am capable!'

If you are thinking, 'I have no money,' think 'I am a money magnet, lots of opportunities and money is coming my way.'


Cleo xx

Feb 2, 2016

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