Here's what I think... If something doesn't feel right, it most likely isn't. For about a year now I hadn't felt right about something in my life. NEWSFLASH!

It wasn't right. A year later I'm out of this situation and it was probably the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my life! There were tears, lots of them, but now I feel a massive weight off my shoulders and I know I've done the right thing. 

I want to encourage my readers to stand up for yourselves and do what you think is right for YOURSELF!

Sometimes you have to stop thinking about others. Not in a nasty way, but if something isn't right in your life, you need to focus your energy back to yourself until you are okay again. 

This goes for anything. Unhealthy relationships, diets or lifestyles, even an unpleasant situation. GUESS WHAT? Life is short. And you don't have time for that. If you are unhappy, feeling awkward, feeling used or upset, then MOVE ON.

Get out of that situation if you have the power to. You most likely do have the power to, it might just be an emotionally hard thing to do so you are putting it off. I did that. You're never completely stuck. If you are struggling with a situation in your life where you do feel stuck then please open up to a friend, family member or even a counsellor! You will thank yourself after all that negativity is out of your life. 

Remember that life is precious. YOU have complete control over your life, and have the power to change anything. That's pretty cool hey? Literally you can live whatever life YOU want, you just have to believe, work hard and then receive. 

July 23, 2015

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