5 Simple Ways to Get Smilin' Again!

5 Simple Ways to Get Smilin' Again!


Do you have any of this in your life? Family, friends, love, a roof, a bed, a job, a body, health, money, pets, clothes, makeup, TV, clean water, computer a phone?

Even if you have just ONE of the above, then surely that one thing can make you smile. Cause guess what? Someone else might not have that one thing. And that alone makes you lucky! Everyone is lucky in their own way. Find out why you are lucky, and you will start to feel thankful and happier by the second. An easy way to do that is to look at the list above. If you think about what you have in your life often, the little things in life like a bad day, a broken phone or a speeding fine won't seem so bad after all. 

"Sometimes I need to remember just how lucky I really am." 


We are getting busier and busier as life moves on. A friend and I were talking yesterday how scary it is, how fast the years seem to go. It's so easy to get into a routine of work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, and you forget about LIVING!

If you love your job then awesome! That might be your way of living. But I think every person who loves their job or not needs some time out. Cherish the weekends and cherish your nights! Treat yourself to a meal out, go to the movies, get a manicure, buy a book, do some online shopping, eat that chocolate, have a bath, RELAX! You deserve to!

Working hard for something and then treating yourself feels really good because you've earned it! So don't be afraid to do so. Treat yourself like a Princess! Or Prince... whoever you readers may be. 

"Happiness is... Treating yourself every now and then."


I have written about this in my blog previously but I can't stress it enough! If you hate your job, GET OUT!!! I know it's easier said than done, but I'm here to give you the motivation that maybe you need. Life is too short to be doing things that you hate. Of course any job involves working hard, but if you love your job then working hard doesn't seem too hard at all. Put it this way, if you wake up and dread your day at work, and then you're at work and you still really hate it.... I think it's time to move on.

If you are in a financially unstable situation, I don't want to be encouraging people to leave steady money, but try and look for jobs that will fulfil your passion instead of just fulfilling your bank account. 

"Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession."


I'm not one for exercise. I go through stages of getting myself motivated. But lately, walks have been doing me just fine. Getting out of the house and to the beach is the best feeling! Not only does it make me feel good because I am moving my body, but being outside in nature wherever it may be is so relaxing! 

If you are one of those people who can run for miles or do regular training sessions then keep going! No better feeling than finishing a big workout!

"You are only one workout away from a good mood."


MY LIFE PROBLEM! Putting things off!!! 

Here is my advice... Just do it. And lately I have actually been taking my own advice! (Go Cleo) 

How many times have you had things to do whether it be an errand to run, exercise, an appointment to make, a room to clean etc, and put it off until 'tomorrow.' And then come tomorrow, it still hasn't been done. It's so easy to do! BUT if you put your head into it and just do it you will think two things; That wasn't too hard, and ahh I feel better now.

It's such a good feeling having everything done for the day. When I complete everything I have to, I feel a sense of fulfilment and maybe even a little bit proud. 

This goes especially for all you creative buggers out there! Having a creative mind can be hard because you need to be inspired to create something. Lately I've been pretending I haven't been inspired because I couldn't be bothered. Naughty! I know that I feel so good when I finish a blog, a song or a script, so excuse me while I go get to it!

Remember, today is the day, not tomorrow. 

"Tomorrow you will have wished that you started today, so what are you waiting for?"

Cleo xx

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August 7, 2015

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