The Secret to an Abundant Life

The Secret to an Abundant Life

The secret to an abundant life is pretty simple; It's believing that you have an abundant life. Did you know the brain can't tell the difference between imagination and reality? So therefore, believing and visualising that something is already so, will bring that something about. 

It's so exciting what we can do with our minds. The tricky part is continuing to make an effort in controlling what your conscious mind is thinking. We have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day, so it's normal that some of those thoughts are going to be negative ones. For some reason it's normal for us humans to think about the things we don't want to happen, rather than thinking about the things we do want to happen.

So step 1: Make an effort to control as many thoughts in your day as possible. If you find yourself thinking about something negative, change it right away to a positive thought. If you are having trouble getting out of a negative rut, think back to a memory that is bound to make you smile, or turn on an up-beat song that makes you happy. 

Step 2: Play make believe. You know how kids can play for hours with nothing but a doll or a car? They might be imagining this enormous race track, or a beautiful big doll house. Start to get excited like children. Visualise what you truly want to come about in your life. Feel the feelings you would feel when it comes about. Keep visualising throughout your meditation or throughout your normal day, until you believe the thing you're visualising is yours. 

Remember, the brain can't tell the difference between imagination and reality, so really you're tricking your brain into giving you want you want. 

Step 3: Be kind to yourself. No one gets far by beating themselves up. We all have moments of self doubt and anger, but the trick is to get yourself out of that asap, and start treating yourself like the most important and delicate person in the world. Negative self talk is destructive. Positive self talk can help you beyond belief. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated through an experiment the powerful, energetic effect that our words and thoughts can have. Dr. Emoto got two containers of water and on one wrote words such as 'you fool', and on the other wrote phrases like 'i love you.' He froze both of the containers, and days later he took photos of the water crystals. The results were incredible. In every case where there were positive words and energy projected onto the water, the water crystals were frozen symmetrically in intricate patterns, some resembling diamonds. On the other hand, in every case where the words and thoughts were negative, the crystals were small, misshapen and deformed. 

Dr. Emoto re-performed this experiment over and over again with thoughts, photographs and music, both with either a positive or negative vibe, and the results stayed the same. 

Our bodies are filled with 75% water, so think what you're doing to your body with negative self talk. Next time you're disappointed in yourself, instead of saying 'ah, I'm so stupid,' say 'I am good at this, and it will work next time.' 

Having an abundant life is something that most people want. Having plenty of everything that you want is something that is easily achievable, and YOU are the only person who can attract this into your life. 

In a nutshell; Make an effort to control your thoughts, play make believe, and be kind and gentle to yourself. I can guarantee if you do this, you will feel and see results. You will feel better and more positive within yourself, and coincidences and positive outcomes will start arising before you. I know, because I have done it myself, and I know thousands of believers of the Law of Attraction have done it as well. 

Cleo xx

Photography by: Michael Angelo Brown

INSTAGRAM: michaelangelophoto



April 10, 2017

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