30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Gratitude is one of the fastest and most effective ways to put yourself on a great frequency. Putting yourself on a positive frequency allows you attract all the things you are thinking, visualising and wishing for. 

When you are gracious, you feel lucky and happy right? You might be grateful for something small, like a pretty butterfly on your way to work, or good surf, or a stranger smiling at you. Or you might be grateful for something big, like your family, or winning something, or getting good grades. 

Whatever it is you're thankful for, focus on it and build on that positive aspect of your life! 

I love the YouAreCreators Youtube channel. They have such amazing meditations, and videos that will help you maintain a very positive journey. I was scrolling through their videos one night and came across a 30 day challenge. In this challenge, for 30 days you are to write down 30 things you are thankful for. PLOT TWIST: You can't use the same thing twice. Yes, that is 900 things in total that you will end up writing down. 

Of course there are 900 things in this world that you are thankful for! You just have to dig deep, and try to notice the little things that you might take for granted in a normal day. 

I am currently on day 18 of my challenge and I can't believe the effect it has already had on me. I'm in LA at the moment, living away from home and competing in one of the most competitive industries in the world. It's pretty normal for my emotions to go up and down because of this. This challenge has helped stabilise my emotions and has made me a lot more positive!  

Everyday we go on with our busy lives, we scroll through social media, we go to work, we socialise and go to bed. (Obviously I can't talk for everyone, but this seems to be a pretty popular routine people can get themselves into these days.) Sometimes we don't even take a minute to look around us, and notice all the amazing things in our lives. Noticing these things, big or small, and being thankful for these things is a very powerful tool! 

I promise you after doing this for a few days, you will notice positive changes in your life. Good things will start to happen to you, and around you. You will begin to attract everything you want, and everything you need. If you focus hard on those things you are thankful for, you will attract more of these good things into your life. 

The coolest part about this challenge is that you can write things that haven't already happened to you. For example, 'I am thankful for the huge pay check I got,' or 'I am thankful for my new dress,' or 'I am thankful I scored the tickets to the concert.' Be specific, and act as though you have already received these things. You should feel the same gratitude and excitement for everything on your list, whether you have it or not. 

So have fun, go crazy, believe anything can happen because guess what?! IT CAN! Anything is possible if you are on a positive frequency. You will know when you are on the right frequency. Amazing things will start to happen, everything will start going your way and you will notice 'coincidences' that will help you along your path. 

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March 14, 2017

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