I AM….

I AM….

I think it’s very important to remind yourself everyday of how great you are. Yes you. You are great.

Isn’t it cool that every person in this world has different qualities, different personalities, different features, different everything? You are an individual, and there is no one else like you. How cool is that!

So basically, you have this body, this soul and this personality which was given to you, and you can do whatever you want with it! So why not do good? See only perfection within yourself. And remind yourself of this everyday! Once you start believing that you're full of perfection, the Universe will work with whatever your view of perfection is. 

Of course, no person is perfect. When I say perfection, I don't mean that you should be wishing to look like a perfect Barbie doll. To me, perfection is happiness, good health and fulfillment.

What is perfection to you?

For a long time, I was saying different affirmations here and there just when I felt like it. I was confusing myself. It’s like I didn’t quite understand what was most important in my life. So I wrote down what was important to me, and came up with what would be my daily affirmations from that list. 





My Career

And there I had it. The five most important things in my life. So from that list I made my Mantras.

Those mantras work perfectly for my life. If these work for you, then go ahead and use them. If not, write down what is most important to you, and you can stem your perfect affirmations from there! 

P.S. You can't just say your daily affirmations over and over again and not really believe that you are; happy, healthy etc. You must believe! 




March 11, 2015

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