Becoming YOU - Being Fearlessly Yourself

Becoming YOU - Being Fearlessly Yourself

Becoming who we really are takes time, courage and mistakes.

You might be thinking, I know who I am - which is amazing, or you might be thinking I have no idea who I am, or what I need to do to make myself happy. Even if you know who you are, keep reading … because to be FEARLESSLY you is a whole other ball game.

Becoming You

A lot of the time, we do things that aren’t necessarily aligned with who we are. You might be peer pressured into doing something you don’t want to do, you might gossip or judge someone because you’re jealous, you might post a certain photo on social media because you feel like that’s what society wants.

All of these unfortunately are natural reactions and you have nothing to feel guilty about, but you can pinpoint the times where you’re not yourself and work on changing them. Ask yourself these questions … Who am I? What do I want? Like, REALLY want? What do I care about? Who do I care about?

As cliche as it sounds, listening to your heart is the most powerful thing you can do. BUT listening to your heart is actually quite hard, because we confuse what our heart actually desires, with the cheaper option, or the safer option, the more comfortable option etc. To really listen to your heart, I recommend meditating. Even if it’s for 2 minutes. Quiet your mind and really ask yourself, who am I and what do I want?

You have been given this life. Don’t waste a minute of it trying to be someone else, doing things to impress people or worrying about what people think. Which leads us into …

Being Fearlessly Yourself

After doing all you can to become YOU, you need to become fearlessly YOU.

Today I was sitting at the beach and I was so intrigued watching all the young kids play. They are SO themselves and I think we should take note! They don’t know judgement, so they don’t care what people think, they aren’t self conscious, so they dance, yell, sing and play like no one is watching, they believe nothing is impossible, so they use their imaginations and play for hours and they fearlessly speak their mind. Why do we lose this? Because we care too much what others think? Because we don’t know who we are anymore? Because we think we need to be serious and sensible? Because we’re trying to impress people? We all need to acknowledge our inner child and let it shine through!

“What other people think of you, is none of your business.”

When you’re in alignment with who you are, everything will flow. You will be clear in what you believe, what you think is right or wrong, who and what you care about and you will effortlessly give your energy and time to those things.

When you’re being YOU, like… really you, make no apologies! When we’re feeling self conscious, unsure, pressured or just generally not ourselves, we make mistakes and regret things, but when you’re YOU, everything you do or say is coming from who you are as a person.

Sometimes when you do get the courage to be truly yourself, you are met with judgement because other people are threatened by you loving and accepting yourself. Probably because they haven’t learnt to do it for themselves. Becoming you and owning it is the most important thing you could do in this life of yours. Because being fearlessly yourself, is also showing an immense amount of gratitude for your life and who you are. This immediately puts you on a high vibrating frequency. When you’re vibrating on a high level, you’re attracting people, circumstances and things which are vibrating on that same level. So basically you’re attracting positive, exciting and amazing things!

Becoming you might mean changing quite a few things in your life, but like I said before, do not apologise for this. If you’re met with judgement on decisions you truly want to make, then that isn’t your problem - it’s theirs.

A fun little story to end with. My Mum was walking along the beach, and suddenly she saw this lady who would have been in her 40s go from a casual beach walk, into a cartwheel. Mum loved it and said to the lady, ‘I saw your cartwheel.’ And the lady said back ‘yeah, I just felt like it!'' I think we all need to be more like that lady. Feel like doing something? Bloody do it!

Start now, so that later you can look back and know that in this life, you were fearlessly yourself. Only good things can come from being truly you.

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Cleo xx

Photos by the wonderful Natalie Imgraben

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January 23, 2019

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