You Can Tell Your Own Future

You Can Tell Your Own Future

I know lots of people, including myself who have gone to see psychics in the past. While some are amazing, and can talk to deceased loved ones or know your name or things about your life without asking, YOU know way more than they do. 

If you read my blogs often, you will know a little about the Law of Attraction. Basically it's a law that has proven to be just as powerful as other laws, like the law of gravity for example. The trick with the Law of Attraction is that if you completely believe and understand it, you can create your life exactly how you want it. 

A lot of people go to psychics because they think it will make them feel better about themselves or their lives. Or they might think it will give them something to get excited about. Which is fair enough! But you can do that yourself. 

Usually whatever the psychic/healer tells you, you will believe - right? If the psychic says, 'well unfortunately you're going to lose a lot of money soon', you are going to continuously think and worry about when this loss of money is going to happen and how you're going to cope. That's exactly what NOT to do. By doing that, you are giving out negative vibes, and you're going to attract exactly what you're thinking about: debt, loss of money, no work. In some ways a psychic could be great! If they tell you positive things like, 'you are going to find your soul mate soon', or 'an old friendship will be rekindled', you are going to believe them once again, right? You will know in your mind that this is 100% going to happen, and therefore you're on a positive frequency, telling the Universe what you want by believing that what you want is coming, or is already here. 

(Remember; believing that something is already so and that whatever you want has already been created, is much more powerful than believing that something is 'coming', or 'on it's way.')

You don't have to be told this stuff to believe it. Tell yourself what you want and make a conscious effort to believe you already have it. 

There is no need to go to someone else just so they can tell you want you might want or what you might not want to hear. You have no idea what they will tell you, and why risk that? Anyway, often the things they tell you are just a reflection of your aura, thoughts and the vibrations you are giving off at that time. You can change that in an instant by changing your thoughts. The only person who can change your life is YOU

When I went to a psychic, the lady told me things I did want to hear, along with things I didn't want to hear. I left jumbled and confused! Excited about the good stuff, but also a little down about the not so good stuff. I also found myself waiting around for the good stuff. And now I see why these things didn't end up coming about! I was constantly 'waiting,' and 'looking' for something that wasn't there. I needed to instead, believe it had already been created and completely relax knowing that it was already so. 


'It's already so' has come from a Youtube meditation I listen to by YouAreCreators. At first I was confused by what 'it's already so' meant, but once you listen to this meditation it becomes very clear. It basically means what you have asked for, has been created. It's somewhere in the Universe waiting to happen. It's a thing. It's there. It's coming. It's already so. I've attached the video to this blog, it's a great way to relax, and manifest anything you want. 

Wrapping up this blog, YOU are the only person who can tell your future, and YOU can create whatever future you would like. Choose to be excited. Choose positive thoughts over negative ones. Choose to believe! 

Cleo xx



December 19, 2016

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