One Door Shuts, Another One Opens!

One Door Shuts, Another One Opens!

I'm sure you all know by now that life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes it's a scary ride, a fun ride, an emotional ride, or a plain GOOD ride. 

My life has been all of the above for the past couple of months. My emotions have been going CRAZY because I have been so busy and have left myself no time to just sit and relax. 

In the end, it's YOU who controls your life. Of course un-expected things happen, but the way YOU choose to deal with those things reflect straight back on your life and the way you feel. 

A little example for my readers!

A couple of months ago I got a phone call saying I was in the top three for a role and they were flying me down to Melbourne. I was over the moon and had a huge sense of relief rush over me after so many years of working so hard to achieve my acting dream again after filming H20. 10 minutes later I got a phone call saying that they had cancelled the call back because of my age. I went from being SO EXCITED, to let's face it, devastated. 

After a little cry, I pulled myself together and thought no! How cool was it to know that I was in the top 3? This is just one step closer and has put me in front of amazing casting directors and directors for future jobs. All of a sudden I turned this situation around to be a really good thing, I'm not sure how I did it when I was feeling so crappy but I did. And it was the best thing I've ever done! It was a really good lesson. 

A month or two after, I was contacted by an American Manager. This man completely believed in me and has since taken me on as one of his clients. To have someone believe in me and push for me like he has done in the time I have been with him is such an amazing feeling.


I have no idea how he found me, there are so many amazing actors/actresses in Australia, let alone the world and he found and chose me! I fully put it down to my positive attitude and complete belief that everything was going to turn out fine. 

Like all my blog posts, I encourage people to BELIEVE and you will RECEIVE

! If you're lacking motivation please go back and read through some of my past blogs, or buy The Secret. It really is the most inspiring book I've ever read. 

Cleo xx

November 23, 2015

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