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The Good Vibrations Bundle ☀ Positive Guidance Cards + Guided Affirmation Cards + Pocket of Positivity (NEW)

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In this bundle you will receive: 

☀ Positive Guidance Cards
☀ Guided Affirmation Cards
☀ Pocket of Positivity (NEW)

About the Positive Guidance Cards:
You will receive:

☾ Pass Around the Smile’s Positive Guidance Card Box

☾ 42 Hand drawn cards with illustrations and messages

☾ Guide booklet with in depth meanings, affirmations and instructions.

A lot of love went into making these cards and my wish is that they guide and inspire you. My Positive Guidance Cards can help turn a confusing day into a clear day, a negative day into a positive day, or a stressful day into a calm day. These beautifully hand drawn cards with inspiring messages will help attract positivity into your life!

There are instructions included in the booklet, however there are no rules with these cards, just use your intuition! Some like to pull a card out daily, others like to ask specific questions and some like to shuffle until cards fall out! You can do readings for yourself, and for others with your deck of cards! Get your friends around and experience the magic of these cards together, or enjoy a peaceful reading on your own!

About the Guided Affirmation Cards

What is included?

☾ Pass Around the Smile’s Guided Affirmation Card Box

☾ 42 Hand drawn cards with illustrations and messages

☾ Guide booklet with in depth meanings, journal prompts, exercises and instructions.

Written by Cleo Massey, illustrated by Katie Regan. 

I’m so excited you came across my Guided Affirmation Cards! So much love and good energy went into creating these cards and my wish is that they bring you the positivity and guidance that you deserve. These beautifully hand drawn cards have specific affirmations which can help answer your questions and gently guide you toward living a life true to you. The perfect set of cards to help you let go of the negative and bring in the positive. It is time to manifest your dream life! Let the magic begin…

This deck can be used on its own, or in conjunction with my first deck of Positive Guidance Cards for deeper readings.

About the Pocket of Positivity 

The brand new Pocket of Positivity is finally here! 

If you have the first Pocket of Positivity, this one is totally different! New pouch and 13 new crystals to bring even more guidance to your card and crystal readings. Just like a double card reading which you do with your two Pass Around the Smile decks, you can do a double Pocket of Positivity reading! 

What is included:
☾ 13 crystals (each varying from 4cm - 6cm, type of crystals listed below. You can see the size of 9 of the crystals in my hands in one of the photos.)
☾ Pocket of Positivity Pouch
☾ Three Pocket of Positivity and Crystal info cards (Includes names, colours and healing properties of each crystal, as well as an inspiring message for each.)

☾ Please keep in mind, these crystals are raw and are unique in visual appearance and size! Each pocket was packed intuitively and I have no doubt you will be sent the right pocket for you. Raw crystals sometimes have bits of salt which will flake off - this is normal!

☾ ☀★

This cute little pouch is filled with 13 unique crystals, each with different healing properties and magical energies. There are no set rules with how to use your Pocket of Positivity, however here is what I recommend!

If you're feeling down, negative, confused or un-motivated, use your Pocket of Positivity for guidance, protection, healing, inspiration and calm energy.

If you're feeling positive, motivated, content and calm, use your Pocket of Positivity to amplify the good vibrations even further! Use these gems to manifest, deepen your meditations and strengthen your connection to yourself and your higher power.

Pop your hand into the pocket and pull however many crystals you feel you need. You might feel an urge, or a warm energy around a certain stone, just trust your intuition, you will pull the right crystal(s) for you.

I recommend pulling crystals each time you do a reading with your deck or a meditation. You can amplify the energy in your deck by placing the stones on the cards and deepen your meditation by holding your crystals or placing them on any part of your body. Pulling crystals during a reading or meditation will give you more in depth guidance, as they work together to bring you the signs and messages you need.

You can pull crystals before a nerve racking phone call, or if you have a big day at work, maybe you're feeling anxious before a social occasion, pick a crystal! (These stones are the perfect size to pop in your handbag, they can come with you everywhere!) You can also pop the more calming crystals under your pillow! I love pulling a crystal right before I go to sleep, or first thing in the morning.

To energise your crystals pop them somewhere the moonlight will reach on a full moon.

You can place the crystals around your home, or keep them in the pocket, whatever feels right. I like to keep different crystals out at different times, depending what I pull and what I'm going through at the time.

These crystals are yours to provide you with love, strength, connection and protection.

For the most amount of magical guidance, set your space and start with your double card spread using my Positive Guidance Cards and Guided Affirmation Cards. If you're unsure, there are booklets provided in each deck as well as helpful blogs with powerful questions you can ask your cards, here! Then, if you have one or soon to have both Pockets of Positivity, follow the directions on the card, using one pocket first and the other pocket next. If you pick crystals with similar meanings, its a sure fire sign the Universe is trying to tell you something! 


☀ Pink Tourmaline ☀ EMOTIONAL HEALING – LOVE – JOY

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