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Monday 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st of January - Live call at 6pm. All live calls will be saved, if you can’t make any sessions. (If you are repeating this course, please email me for a discount code.) 

Enjoy a 4 week intimate and interactive course from the comfort of your own home! A Guide to Happiness will help you shine from the inside, out!

Let me inspire and encourage you to realise your full power and potential! I thrive of helping people understand how vital the power of the mind is, along with the power of the Universe, the Law of Attraction and Self Love. Spreading this out over four weeks, allows the elements you learn to be put into practice in your everyday routine. A Guide to Happiness has previously run twice in a face to face course and twice as an online course. Each time I was so excited to hear the positive shifts that were instantly happening in the participants lives!

Don't worry - this course is super relaxed and fun! Having this course in January allows us to set incredible intentions and actually put them into place for the best year yet! I and the other like minded women (or men, men are welcome too!) will hold you accountable for your dreams. 

This workshop has been carefully designed so that each week involves new and exciting mini workshops, stories, meditations, journaling sessions and positive chats!

A bit about what you can expect…


Some meditations will be on the live calls, and you will also leave with professionally recorded guided meditations to download and keep.
Meditation topics:
Law of Attraction, letting go of negativity, listening to your heart, attracting signs and connecting to the Universe, relaxation, raising your vibration, positive affirmations and way more!

LAW OF ATTRACTION (visualisation and manifesting)

Learn from the bottom up! Whether you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction, or are already a lover, this course will help amplify your manifestations and increase your knowledge around the science behind the law. (Don't worry, I don't get too science-y, sometimes it's just a nice reminder of how powerful manifesting is!) 

Learn the basics as well as the nitty gritty; the steps that are hidden, (yet most important) and the different ways you can use the Law of Attraction in your life! Get comfortable with a method that is right for you. Hear real life manifestation stories, and get a complete breakdown of the dos and don’ts, crucial to manifesting your desires.


This workshop is all about RAISING OUR VIBRATION! And I cannot wait to share some powerful stories, exercises and meditations with you that will have you feeling free, and ready to move forward in a positive direction.


Negativity is unfortunately a part of life. But over my years of being obsessed with my own spiritual journey, I have come up with some incredible techniques that help me release the bad, and bring in the good.


Whether you believe in the Universe, God, Buddha, a spirit, a loved one in heaven, angels or believe in nothing in particular, no worries! In A Guide to Happiness, you will learn to attract signs and support from an energy that is protecting and guiding you.


In A Guide to Happiness, we discuss and get to the bottom of who you really are, what you really want, and what you really need to live a life beyond your greatest imagination!


Learn how to script your desires into reality. Journaling is such a powerful way to release negativity and confusion while also manifesting your dreams and desires.


We break down your goals into actionable and magical steps!

That is just a little taster … get ready for some FEEL GOOD MAGIC!

Before you begin the course, you will be sent a download of your Guide to Happiness booklet. You can either print this, or answer the questions in your own journal. This booklet contains some really exciting, yet informative information which you get to keep forever.

Each week, there will be a live call on Monday at 6pm via Zoom. You will also be invited into a private Facebook group where you are free to ask questions, or chat with other group members. (Share experiences, go over topics etc. If you don't have Facebook, it's not a problem.) Each call will go for roughly an hour and a half. I pride my Pass Around the Smile courses and events on being a non-judgemental and relaxing space. Anyone can ask questions at any time, and there will be space and room to share stories and thoughts on the live call if you wish! You’re also welcome to keep your thoughts to yourself if that makes you more comfortable. There is no pressure! You can listen in while in your dressing gown and eating dinner if you like! Your camera won’t be on. 😊

You don’t need to be able to attend every live call at the set time. All live calls will be saved so you can watch in your own time, however for the best results, if you can make the live call, please do!

While there will be live meditations, you will also be sent 3 guided meditations to download and keep.

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact tab! It's time to invest in YOU. 

After Cleo's last 4 week course, she asked her guests to describe how they felt. The words they used were:
Inspired - Peaceful - Rejuvenated - Powerful - Special - Fearless - Positive - Zen - Empowered - Grateful - Fulfilled - Capable - Uplifted - Accepting - Understanding - Happy

Some feedback from Cleo’s last Guide to Happiness online course.

”After a tough couple of months during the year that is 2020 I came across Cleo’s Pass Around the Smile course; A Guide To Happiness. I could not praise it highly enough. Just her own inspirational stories of successful manifestations and lessons she’s learned were enough to start me on a new trajectory for the rest of 2020 and beyond but on top of that the weekly class taught me so much. The lessons I learned I still use daily like my daily mantras, the meditations she recorded for the class and of course manifesting my desires. These things are only a small snippet of what’s included in the class and I urge you to join in on her upcoming courses so you can see for yourself how truly uplifting and life changing her teachings are. Thank you Cleo for bringing so much sunshine back in to my life and for raising my vibration daily!” - Alicia

“I just finished Cleo’s 4 week course for a guide to happiness. In just 4 weeks I have learnt so much about the Law of attraction, Manifestation, letting go of negativity and so much more. Since doing this I have felt so much more confident in reaching my goals and when you put your mind to it, magical things happen! I highly recommend this course and I am so grateful to have experienced this. Thank you Cleo xx” - Sammy

“Thank you so much Cleo! You have such a gift. This course has been so uplifting and inspirational.. I’ve absolutely loved every minute and don’t want it to be over!” - Ebony

Reviews from Cleo's past one off events:

- "I feel so much lighter."
- "This was the most positive and inspiring event I've ever been to in my entire life. I'm still on a high from it. I cannot wait for the next one!"
- "I'm still floating."
- "You've really helped me see things differently."
- "I literally cried the whole way through, I can't articulate my feelings right now."
- "I feel very open to everything now, thank you."
- "I had such a beautiful night, I came home and raved about it to my husband, I really need it."
- "I feel so uplifted and content."
- "Cleo, I am so filled with positivity, love, happiness and gratitude, thank you."
- "You're going to change a lot of people's lives."
- "Tonight was the most beautiful, intimate event. You spoke so passionately and you could feel the room just connecting naturally. I love what you're doing and spreading soul guiding happiness to everyone with the Law of Attraction."
" - So honoured to have you creating such warmth and positivity in our space. So many good vibes floating around last night."
- "Thank you for touching our hearts and filling us with love and knowledge on how to be our best selves and live life to the fullest. I took so much away from tonight."
- "Thank you for sharing your wisdom, stories and positivity. I left with a sore neck as I nodded almost every second saying, yes, that's brilliant!"
- "After tonight, I have the utmost trust in the Universe and I'm so excited to use it."
- "The room was just vibrating with love and joy. What a brilliant night!"
- "Last night a group of 100 people sat around enthralled by Cleo's guidance. What an incredible atmosphere."
- "It was an amazing night and so many of us left vibrating on a high frequency. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing, you're changing lives."
- "Such a wonderful, uplifting energy in the room and such valuable advice for everyone to help each of us create our best life"

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