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Positive Guidance Cards - For Kids!

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☾ Pass Around the Smile’s Positive Guidance Cards - For Kids! hard cover box

☾ 30 Hand drawn cards with illustrations and inspiring messages and questions

Created and written by Cleo Massey, illustrated by Katie Regan

These beautifully hand drawn cards will guide and inspire young minds to let their imagination soar! Each card has thought provoking lessons and questions based around self love, gratitude, dreams, goals, kindness, giving back to the environment, meditating and so much more.

Each and every card was made with a lot of love, and my goal is to introduce as many children as I can to the power of positivity, in a fun and interactive way. Not only will this deck help spark creativity and productivity, it will also encourage young minds to slow down, relax and appreciate the simple things life has to offer.

A beautiful distraction from our busy, tech filled lives, this magical little deck of cards will help bring positivity to so many areas in a child’s life.

Suitable for children aged 4-12.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

My boys actually love these so much, the prints on them are very cute.
So good for kids

Monique Pilo

These cards have the most beautiful drawings and the prompts are so special and wholesome for my little ones. We use them everyday.

Perfect Idea! ✨

I purchased this beautiful gift for a very beautiful close friend of mine 💕
She adores them! Says they are perfect with gorgeous illustrations and are very special to her, something that she will cherish!! ✨✨

Cheree Kay
You won't regret getting these

WOW. These are helping so much. I'm seeing small changes of mindfulness in my boy and it makes me so happy. Fun little activity to!!

A must have!

A must have for any primary school teacher! These gorgeous cards were such an asset to our daily meditation and prayer circle in my classroom. The kids respond and can relate so well to these cards. They enjoyed them just as much as I did. LOVE THEM.



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