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A Guide to Happiness 4 Wk Online Course

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‘The perfect mix of manifestation, self development and going within to gain clarity - this course changed my life. Blocks have melted away, I’m finally moving forward.’ ~ J.M

A Guide to Happiness is a 4 week interactive course focusing on manifestation and many elements of self and spiritual development. This course has been held live seven times since 2019. After such incredible reviews, I have created A Guide to Happiness online so that anyone around the world, at whatever time suits - can do it too!

My promise to you: 

It’s Cleo here, I am the owner of Pass Around the Smile and I’m so excited you’re here! A Guide to Happiness is one of my biggest and proudest achievements, simply because of the feedback and shifts which have been experienced throughout the years of running this course. I’ve even had participants repeat this course up to 4 times! (The good thing about this being online, is you have lifetime access and can repeat this course as many times as you like.) 

Allow me to inspire and encourage you to realise your full power and potential, from the comfort of your own home. I pride my courses on being a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment ~ yes this is a self development course, but I promise it’s super relaxed and fun! Spreading this out over four weeks allows the elements you learn to be put into practice in your everyday routine and as you go, any questions to me will not go unanswered!

I promise that I have put my heart and soul into creating a course that will help you shine from the inside out!  


  • 4 x 1-1.5 hour weekly videos by Cleo. These are the main videos that will guide you through the course.
  • A 23 page booklet filled with invaluable information curated over years of Cleo’s work. 
  • An information video
  • A manifesting success story video
  • 7 x professionally recorded meditations. (Relaxation Meditation, Manifestation Meditation, Releasing Negativity Meditation, Listen to Your Heart Meditation, Trust the Process Meditation, Inner Child Meditation, Raise Your Vibration Meditation.) 
  • Unlimited support from Cleo during the 4 weeks, no questions will go unanswered!



Enjoy some relaxing meditations on manifestation, self love and releasing what no longer serves you. The meditations are suitable for beginners or regular meditators and are extremely powerful - so get ready for some serious connection to your true self. 

LAW OF ATTRACTION (visualisation and manifesting)

Learn from the bottom up! Whether you’ve never heard of the law of attraction, or are already a lover, this course will help amplify your manifestations and increase your knowledge around the science behind the law. (Don't worry, I don't get too science-y, sometimes it's just a nice reminder of how powerful manifesting is!)

Learn the basics as well as the nitty gritty; the hidden steps, (yet most important) and the many different ways you can use the law of attraction in your life! Get comfortable with a method that is right for you. Hear real life manifestation stories and get a complete breakdown of the dos and don’ts, crucial to manifesting your desires. 


Here we dive into what might be blocking you from achieving your desires. Some deep self reflection is required here - but I can promise you, it's refreshing and many u-huh moments will follow! 


An integral step toward living the life of your dreams. Here we figure out which parts of you need more love and care and I give you tools to help you through the days where self love is hard. 

This workshop is all about RAISING OUR VIBRATION! And I cannot wait to share some powerful stories, exercises and meditations with you that will have you feeling free, and ready to move forward in a positive direction.


Unfortunately three aspects of life which block us from living a life we deserve. Hear inspiring stories of how I turned negativity around to manifest incredible opportunities. Learn realistic tools to release the negative thoughts of fear and guilt that may reside in your subconscious.


Often we can live with resentment and fear around forgiving others and ourselves without even realising. This can hold us back in so many ways. This is a powerful section that often brings big shifts in many areas. 


Whether you believe in the Universe, God, Buddha, a spirit, a loved one in heaven, angels or believe in nothing in particular, no worries! In A Guide to Happiness, you will learn to attract signs and support from an energy that is protecting and guiding you.


Sounds clichè, but it's the only way to live a life true to you. Here we aim to discover the difference between what you THINK you might want and need, vs what you ACTUALLY want and need. To tune in and listen to your heart, means letting go of society's and other people's expectations - along with your own. It's time to find your right path!  


Learn how to script your desires into reality. Journaling is such a powerful way to release negativity and confusion while also manifesting your dreams and desires.

That is just a little taster … get ready for some FEEL GOOD MAGIC! 


The intent of the creator is only to offer information of a general nature. Any use of information from this course is at the reader's discretion and risk. To remove any doubt, the creator can not be held responsible for any actions taken from the suggestions from this course whatsoever and the person undertaking this course accept these terms and conditions by purchasing. 

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Hayley K

This was the most incredible self development/ self love and manifesting course I have completed. It is so in depth and realistic. I love the way Cleo explains things with examples so you are never confused. It was super easy to digest and honestly feels life changing. I feel lighter, hopeful and excited to continue to practice these skills. I highly recommend this course!

Aimee Collyer
Best Course Ever!!

This course takes you through so much information that is absolutely key to creating the life you truly want. I learnt so much more about myself and my true desires. It might sound silly that you can manifest the life of your dreams but I swear it’s true and Cleo has all stories and information to back it up. Also the guided meditations are amazing and are my favourite ones to do, no one has topped them!

Karen Kay
So in love …

I have purchased my favourite things from Pass Around The Smile, I’m slowly getting my wish list completed 🫶
I can’t wait to do the A Guide to Happiness Course.
Thanks and blessings to Cleo for sharing her world with us ❣️


I loved this course so so much! It brought me back to my core self and reminded me that I have pure happiness underneath the noise. There were so many tools to help me to identify what I allow my ‘noise’ to be. I feel so much lighter and clearer.
Thank you Cleo 🥰🥰


It took me right up until the last day to finally decide on doing this course and I'm so happy I did as it was the best decision I ever made for myself!
I wanted to learn how to be more positive, change my mindset and learn how to manifest as it was something that really interested me but I didn't really know where to start.
I've truly learnt so many new tools and techniques that I can put into my everyday life!
Cleo is amazing, she is so passionate about what she does and helping others! I'm feeling extremely positive for what the future now holds. Thanks so much Cleo xx



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