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Pack 2 - Positive Guidance Cards + Print + 12 Meditations

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How exciting! Pass Around the Smile’s Packs are here!


1 X Positive Guidance Deck

1 x Print of your choice (Swipe through photos to see print options)

12 x Guided Meditations

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About the Cards:

You will receive:
☾ Pass Around the Smile’s Positive Guidance Card Box

☾ 42 Hand drawn cards with illustrations and messages

☾ Guide booklet with in depth meanings, affirmations and instructions.

A lot of love went into making these cards and my wish is that they guide and inspire you. My Positive Guidance Cards can help turn a confusing day into a clear day, a negative day into a positive day, or a stressful day into a calm day. These beautifully hand drawn cards with inspiring messages will help attract positivity into your life!

There are instructions included in the booklet, however there are no rules with these cards, just use your intuition! Some like to pull a card out daily, others like to ask specific questions and some like to shuffle until cards fall out! You can do readings for yourself, and for others with your deck of cards! Get your friends around and experience the magic of these cards together, or enjoy a peaceful reading on your own!

About the Prints:
These beautiful prints are enlarged versions of cards within Pass Around the Smile’s Positive Guidance Deck. They are illustrated by Samantha Smith, and the words are by myself, Cleo! Each print is A4 size, printed on beautiful 280 gsm linen paper. The prints come in a plastic slip with a cardboard back.

About the Meditations:

You will get:
☾ Re-Charge and Focus Meditation - 5.24 minutes

☾ Relaxation Meditation - 6.43 minutes

☾ Mood Changer Meditation. - 6.30 minutes

☾ Morning Relaxation Meditation - 9.04 minutes

☾ Releasing Negativity Meditation - 11.33 minutes

☾ Night Time Manifestation Meditation - 9.31 minutes

☾ Morning Manifestation Meditation - 8.47 minutes

☾ Listening to Your Heart Meditation - 11.07 minutes

☾ Night Time Relaxation Meditation - 8.21 minutes

☾ Chakra - Cleansing and Activating Your Energy Meditation - 10.40 minutes

☾ Trusting the Process Meditation - 13.36 minutes

☾ Raise Your Vibration Meditation - 8.55 minutes

All meditations are guided and set with beautiful, calming background music and sounds. They are suitable for beginners, or regular meditators!

These meditations were written by me, (Cleo!) and recorded with lots of love. I can’t wait for these meditations to be used around the world, helping people feel more positive, relaxed, optimistic and clear! I believe taking time out to meditate can be the most important thing you do all day. Five minutes of meditation could change your day, week, even your month! Allow yourself time to rejuvenate!

Helpful Tips! - When you purchase, you will be downloading a zip file of MP3s. iPhone users: If you’re downloading from your phone, don’t stress if your file link after purchasing says ‘un-supported files.’ You will receive an email within seconds with another link. Click on the link, click download and it will automatically start downloading in the top right corner of your Safari page. When it has finished downloading, simply click and it will take you to the files app! Click on the zip file to expand and get all meditations. For ease, you may prefer having your meditations in Notes. Just click the files, click share, add to notes and save! If you’re downloading from your computer and you want the meditations on your phone, either AirDrop or USB yourself the files. Choose to save them in ‘files.’ You can either keep them in there, or select the meditation, click share and save in Notes. Android users: Click the download button and it should automatically go into your files! For computers: It’s a simple download! Please contact me if you have any troubles.

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